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Churchillian war-spirit vs. bazooka-deployment: British and German metaphors for the COVID-19 pandemic as a war

by Prof. Dr. Andreas Musolff (University of East Anglia) When the urgency of the COVID-19 pandemic became publicly visible in March 2020, a number of political leaders rushed to declare a “war” on it, not dissimilar to earlier politicians’ pronouncements about “wars” against illnesses, addictions and pandemics (e.g. against cancer, AIDS, drugs, SARS). Now, threatened by...


Pandemic, Utopia, and Disenchantment: Just a Bit of History Repeating?

by Assistant Professor Dr. Niels Grüne (University of Innsbruck) Almost from the onset of the current pandemic, sanguine commentators have envisioned that the pervasiveness of the virus and of the lockdown measures would also have profound beneficent effects on Western societies. In particular, the experience of collective vulnerability might foster a sense of solidarity across...


The New Words of COVID

by Prof. Dr. Dr. Massimo Leone (University of Turin, Shanghai University, and FRIAS, Freiburg Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Freiburg) Language is the essential cognitive resource of human beings. Through it, they can better cope with a changing environment. When change is fast, language changes rapidly too. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the entire...


After Corona

Radical changes The unprecedented Corona crisis has fundamentally changed our lives – people are dying, the threat of infection is ubiquitous, most countries are locked down. The fear whether friends, family or oneself will fall ill or even fall victim to the disease, and whether the health care systems will hold up to the challenge,...


Welcome to the FRIAS Blog

The FRIAS blog’s aim is to complement the institute’s communication and provide a means to reach out to a broader, even non-academic public. Its editorial scope is to provide a platform for our fellows to present their research projects. Contributions will come from our community of FRIAS fellows, alumni/ae and guest researchers as well as...

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