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FRIAS invites its wider community to reflect on the changes society will live through during Corona and how these changes will effect us once the pancemic will have come to an end.


Churchillian war-spirit vs. bazooka-deployment: British and German metaphors for the COVID-19 pandemic as a war

by Prof. Dr. Andreas Musolff (University of East Anglia) When the urgency of the COVID-19 pandemic became publicly visible in March 2020, a number of political leaders rushed to declare a “war” on it, not dissimilar to earlier politicians’ pronouncements about “wars” against illnesses, addictions and pandemics (e.g. against cancer, AIDS, drugs, SARS). Now, threatened by...


Pandemic, Utopia, and Disenchantment: Just a Bit of History Repeating?

by Assistant Professor Dr. Niels Grüne (University of Innsbruck) Almost from the onset of the current pandemic, sanguine commentators have envisioned that the pervasiveness of the virus and of the lockdown measures would also have profound beneficent effects on Western societies. In particular, the experience of collective vulnerability might foster a sense of solidarity across...


The New Words of COVID

by Prof. Dr. Dr. Massimo Leone (University of Turin, Shanghai University, and FRIAS, Freiburg Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Freiburg) Language is the essential cognitive resource of human beings. Through it, they can better cope with a changing environment. When change is fast, language changes rapidly too. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the entire...


We can Bloom with Zoom

by Prof. Dr. Catherine McBride (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) As I write this blog, the world is in chaos. I am an American who works in Hong Kong, and my husband is Swiss. For us, as for you, 2020 has presented unprecedented challenges, both locally and globally. Indeed, this is the only time...


Transference Animals

by Dr. Adam Szymanski (McGill University Montreal, Canada) One of the most conspicuous effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is its mediatized production of an informed citizenry. Public life has quickly become populated with new, ever-changing regulations, protocols, and prohibitions which are delivered on a daily basis through televised addresses by prominent politicians and public health...


Stay Home, Take Care

by Prof. Dr. Johanna Pink (University of Freiburg) The uncertain future of the academic jet set 2018 was one of those years. It started out fairly harmlessly, travel-wise, but then it picked up the pace until I felt I never wanted to see another airport. In April, I went to a workshop in Abu Dhabi....


After Corona: A Sea of Debt

by Prof. Dr. Oliver Landmann (University of Freiburg) I. Managing the economy during the Corona crisis A deep plunge of economic activity The Corona  pandemic, in conjunction with widespread lockdown measures of governments, has hit the world economy dramatically. In a June 2020 update of its World Economic Outlook, the International Monetary Fund estimates that...


Social Distance Matters: Towards the Age of Brave New Normal

by Dr. Wai Yip Ho (the Education University of Hong Kong) End of Intimacy: What holds France in the Time of Social Ambiguity? After lifting the national lockdown caused by the outbreak of the coronavirus, France made mask-wearing mandatory in public transport and high schools. This unprecedented situation finds its symbol in masking statues all...


Corona and Its Possible Impact on Economy, Society and Politics

by Prof. Dr. Ronald G. Asch (University of Freiburg) Is it wise to make any predictions what the world will look like after Corona? Definitely not, because it is far too early to anticipate the long term impact of the crisis we are undergoing now. We do not even know whether there ever will be...


After Corona

Radical changes The unprecedented Corona crisis has fundamentally changed our lives – people are dying, the threat of infection is ubiquitous, most countries are locked down. The fear whether friends, family or oneself will fall ill or even fall victim to the disease, and whether the health care systems will hold up to the challenge,...

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