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The FRIAS blog’s aim is to complement the institute’s communication and provide a means to reach out to a broader, even non-academic public. Its editorial scope is to provide a platform for our fellows to present their research projects. Contributions will come from our community of FRIAS fellows, alumni/ae and guest researchers as well as the extended network, consisting of researchers from befriended institutions and the University of Freiburg.

With the idea of a FRIAS blog being born during the current Corona crisis, the FRIAS blog initially dedicates itself to thoughts on how life will continue after the Covid-19 pandemic has come to an end. We invite our fellows to share their ideas on questions like these: How will society have changed? How do we meet each other? How do we regard the foreign(ers)? What will the crisis have done to the social cohesion of societies, the way we work and produce, the way we think, our polities, the leaders we elect? Will the corona pandemic mark a watershed event or will it be “only“ a deep, but transitory change of the way we live?

In the long run, however, we plan to integrate further thematic sections to cover other research foci of FRIAS, for example artificial intelligence, human rights research and environmental humanities.

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